Do you feel like your relationship has lost that SPARK? Is It Time To Reignite The Passion🔥?

Do you wish your spouse looked at you like they used to?

Do you feel like you’ve “settled” in your relationship?

Are you going through the motions hoping to just “get by”?

Do you find yourself anxious, tired, and angry when you know you should be happy?

What would it feel like to get the intensity back in your relationship again?

How great would it be to stop the arguing and go back to the time when it was fun & exciting?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have fun with your family, feel passionate towards your spouse, and still have some time for yourself?

Or Maybe You Want To Feel More Connected To Yourself?

  • Do you feel too busy, stretched thin, and overwhelmed to really go deeper into your own sense of Self?
  • Do you ever catch yourself acting like someone you don’t want to be?
  • Do you ever have a feeling that part of you hasn’t developed quite as much as it should?
  • Do you ever wonder who you are outside of your career?
  • Do you ever ask yourself is this how life/relationship is just supposed to be?
  • Do you feel unheard or unseen in your relationship?

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It’s Not Your Fault!

Like us, you were probably told to go to school, get good grades in order to go to a good college and get a good job. You’d meet someone, fall in love, have a kid or two (or 5). You’d buy a house, spend your weeks rushing to school, a job, practices and your weekend squeezing in errands between games and tournaments.

It sounded a lot more magical back then, didn’t it???

But really, some of that is actually fun and rewarding. It’s just that somewhere between the busy schedules and high paced lifestyle, do you often feel exhausted, overwhelmed, appreciated, or unvalued for your efforts?

Some days, do you just wish you could grab a drink or watch the game without having to “clock in” and have deeper conversations?

Some days, do you just wish someone would sweep you off your feet and take you away on an adventure or maybe just call you an uber to a hotel where you can just sit by yourself and enjoy the sound of silence?

We were at that point in our relationship too.

We were trying to:

  • live our best life
  • be present for our kids
  • take care of our health
  • build out our careers
  • & have some fun adventures

But we kept hitting this one brick wall over & over again!

We see how hard you are working. We know you are absolutely giving it your best. Like Victor, you might be thinking…

“I love my family so much. I work so hard to provide for them and honestly, I think I’m doing pretty good at work, but there’s this underlying sadness and anxiety that I just can’t shake. I workout, eat pretty good, and I even do some outdoor sports, but it’s not enough. I feel as if nothing is ever enough! Something is missing and I feel like there has to be more to me than just this. And I don’t want to feel like my answer is doing more- not that I’m scared to work hard or be more disciplined, it’s just that I’m tired of feeling like I’m not enough when I know deep down that I am good and strong and kind. I want to just be that person more. To be able to allow myself to do less and still feel worthy of love and happiness.”

Or maybe you feel more like Robyn, and are thinking to yourself…

“I love that my husband works so hard for us. I love that we have safety and security. I love that our house is beautiful and cozy. Our kids seem happy and have their friends, their sports, and are doing good at school, but is this it? What happened to the fun? The spontaneity? The magic? The wonder? The unknown? I’m grateful, but I’m scared that every day is going to look and feel like this forever. Is it so bad to crave a little more adventure in our life?

Your Emotions Are Valid!

But if they are left to just ruminate and become a part of your overall being, they can lead to disease. Instead, we want to look at the program running them, question them, communicate them and be able to rewire them.


Balancing Work, Family, & Self Can Feel Impossible!

people, business, meeting-1979261.jpg

Are you crushing it at the office but feel like you are failing at home with your relationship? Do you have the best intentions to provide for your family but can’t seem to do anything right anymore?

child, game, family-3046494.jpg

Do you feel like you are crushing it at home, making sure everyone and everything is taken care of, but you aren’t being seen for your efforts? Or that your adventurous spirit is being misdirected towards matching socks, not stepping on legos, and finding the right size Tupperware lid?

What would your perfect day as a couple look like? Would you crush it at the office? Crush it at home? Crush parenting together as a team?

Why can’t we have both?

We believe it is possible.

But it doesn’t matter what we believe. The only real question is, “Do you believe both is possible?

We believe you can have wealth, health, and LOVE. You can each have achievement, acknowledgement, attention, & worthiness without feeling like you have to change or give something up.

Is it wrong to want security and fun???

Imaging if you could just drop everything for the weekend and go explore?

Relationships do take work, but they should be enjoyable and something that brings you joy each day, not something you feel like you have to do.

Unfortunately, the message most people are being told is that life is supposed to be about the grind, the rat race, self sacrificing for some future date when life will be easy and you finally have the time to take care of yourself.

This is what we refer to as PROGRAMMING. Programming is the messaging you received from your parents, the school system, and society that led you to believe in this is the only way of living. That you have to be so busy and prove your self worth through financial success in order to survive.

We disagree.

We know there is another way and we chose to live it.

And it doesn’t require living in an RV (although it can)!

There is a way to create success and security while also maintaining your sense of self, achieve true health, create deep connections with your spouse, and be present for your kids.

There’s a way to give your heart & soul for your loved ones and still have something left in the tank for yourself.

We are here to teach you how to:

  • love your job & create security for your family
  • nurturing and supporting your family & yourself
  • accept yourself, love yourself, & believe you are worthy of money, love, and happiness
  • see each other for who they really are & with acceptance
  • let go of fears & worries so that you can actually live an adventurous life
  • embody a calm clarity that is unshakable regardless of what is happening on the news or work

We help you break free of the subconscious programming that told you to fit in, self sacrifice, follow the rules, and to stop rocking the boat. Because when you learn to play to your strengths, pursue your dreams, & live boldly, not only will you feel like a total badass in life but you will wake up to a life filled with joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

What believe you can crush it it your relationship as well as you crush your career?

We want to show you how you can let go and allow yourself to just be and enjoy more?

How you can create more time in your schedule and space in your body & mind.

But First, Who Are We To Talk About Relationships?

Hey! I’m Victor. I’d love to share my story with you because having a passionate relationship, being a present father, & taking care of my health are all really important to me.

I’ve worn many hats since I started working as a personal trainer at the age of 19…Strength Coach, Breathwork Specialist, Injury Rehab Specialist, Chakra Healer, Trauma Healer, Jiu Jitsu Practioner, Traveler, and most important ones…Husband and Father. 

I came into this world the son of two Mexican immigrants. I am a proud first generation American. I was raised with a lot of love but also with programming issues and trauma that would come back to affect my marriage many years later. 

I went through some significant sexual abuse from 5 to 8 years old. In addition, we were poor and money literally was scarce. I was always told, “Be careful mijo!” and “Don’t take risks.”

My father worked as a pipe wielder in the Shipyard would get laid off often. My mother was a loan officer in a bank. There was always food on the table but because my parents decided to send us to Catholic school, we didn’t really have money for much else.

Our neighborhood wasn’t that bad in my mind but we didn’t play outside after dark and I did have a knife pulled on me one day when playing in my front yard.

This truly impacted my development and I grew up with the belief that nothing was safe, stable, or secure.

Because money was hard to come by, my parents told me that I should always take whatever work I could. So when I opened a business with Robyn at only 19 years old, I worked 12 hour days Mon-Fri plus half days on Saturday.

I was always exhausted and it eventually led to my adrenal burnout in 2009.

What worse, was that message of, “Money is scarce take whatever you can” instilled another belief that I was not good enough. It taught me to believe that I was unworthy, not special or unique, and that I had no hope of making something of myself (other than work 50+ hours a week at an hourly rate).

I was also taught that a good boy doesn’t want anything. I was often asked to sacrifice my needs for those of my younger siblings because they were “difficult.”

We didn’t talk about our emotions and even if I had wanted to share them, my mom was too busy working or managing my unruly siblings so I learned to forgo the self in order to feel loved.

When I went through my bout of adrenal fatigue at 35 years old, I primarily focused on healing the physical body by eliminating inflammatory foods, healing my gut, and lowering my stress. But I didn’t really deal with it from an emotional perspective.

So in 2016, when we traveled through Europe for 6 months, those programs from my childhood came out and caused a lot of stress on my marriage.

My brain was wired to think:

  • Life isn’t safe
  • Money is scarce
  • A good boy doesn’t show emotions
  • I’m not allowed to have wants/desires

But my wife’s brain was thinking:

  • The world is amazing
  • We should experience as much as we can
  • If we align with our intention, the universe will provide
  • I want you to enjoy this journey with me

Are you aware of the program your mind is wired to?

For the first time in our marriage, Robyn and I were legitimately arguing. She asked me more than a dozen times to go walk the Camino De Santiago, a 500 mile pilgrimage, and figure myself out. 

On top of all that, I another programming issue to deal with. I didn’t know who I was without work. From age 19 to 43, my life revolved around getting up and going to work and now, I had all this time on my hands to relax and enjoy my life, but I couldn’t. I was stressed out, on edge, grumpy, and scared.

In some ways I wish I had listened to her back then because it would’ve saved me a lot of pain, heartache, and fighting over the years, but I didn’t. I continued to “try” and figure myself out for the next 5 years while being dragged along on all these adventures.

It wasn’t until 2020, when our family decided to have a home base on in Montana, that I finally started drawing within and peel back the layers of my Self.

I had been dong yoga and mediation for some time but it was usually in a room of strangers and as a “people watcher” (and people pleaser), I realize now that I was just going through the motions in my physical body.

In Montana, there was no one but my family. This gave me chance to block out the world and go deeper into my emotional body. Once I did, a light bulb went off and I realized…

“Holy shit, I have this whole undercurrent of emotions happening!”

In my work, travel, and life in general, I am an observer. It makes me good at my job because I can pick up nuances in their mechanics and help them fix their injuries or get stronger. But it also keeps me outside my own Self.

Adding all this yoga, meditation, and breathwork allowed me to bring my programming issues to the surface. I could finally see what was happening in my mind and just becoming aware of them made a huge difference in my life.

I also started reading Gabor Mate and Joe Dispenza’s books. These helped me understand how my trauma and the messaging I received as a child was blocking my chakras, keeping my body in a state of fight or flight, and my mind stuck in a program based on lack, unworthiness, and fear.

My wife and kids had been explaining all this to me for the past few years because that is what they teach on their platform. But it helped hearing it from respected doctors.

Understanding the science behind why our thoughts can make us sick motivated me to keep working at uncovering what other negative thought programs were running in my mind.

Doing more and more breathwork really helped offload trapped energy and gave me more bandwidth to be a better dad and husband.

Because it helped me so much, I started encouraging my clients to do it Holotropic breathwork with me. The ones that are open to it have had incredible results and their anxiety instantly disappeared!

Imagine loving your job, being successful at it, AND being able to come home and be available, energetic, healthy, and vibrant!

We make self growth fun by helping each person discover their most authentic self and help you script out a future where you grow together instead of apart.

We are here to teach you how to stop feeling like you are drowning and start swimming in the same direction as your spouse.

We don’t want you to have to quit your job, move, or worse get a divorce. We want to show you that by shifting your perception, changing some beliefs, and implementing our strategies, you can have a relationship that others only dream of.

If not for you, then start for your spouse.

I really didn’t see my own problem. But I saw that Robyn was hurting because of it and so I took steps to find out what it was that I wasn’t seeing.

I didn’t want to be left behind.

As I began to feel as I was catching up she would evolve and learn more.

I would see this in my clients too. I’d start to help one person only for them to get healthy and their spouse to get left behind.

The odds are not good that you can pull it off on your own.

All of this is working against you:

  1. Society
  2. Stress 
  3. Culture 
  4. Big Food 
  5. Big Pharma

You need something that can help you on all fronts so that you feel fast and powerful change that is self perpetuating.

We have worked with clients over the years that say, “I just want to be healthier.” but health alone isn’t a big enough motivation.

I had health, but what I really wanted was:

  1. Passion 
  2. Connection
  3. Laughter
  4. Fun
  5. Joy 
  6. Teamwork 

Don’t fall into the “Settle Curse”

This curse befalls many couples who have been together for many years. They start settling for what is, instead of what can be.

We don’t want to hear about another relationship that has failed after so many years of joy.

I saw my parents argue and struggle and in the end just become roommates in the same home. 

I was starting to see that in my own journey and didn’t want to end up like that. That is why I took steps to undo my programming.

If you want to:

  • Know who you are on a deeper level 
  • Understand your partner better
  • Enjoy amazing sex
  • Get healthier together
  • Share a deep connection 

Then our couples coaching is for you because it get’s to the root of the problem… the subconscious mind

I had to learn to become mindful. When feelings of anger arose, I had to ask, “What is my ego trying to defend?”

I’d take a breath and question what was really happening below the surface.

Or when a new ache, pain, or symptom would arise I’d think, “Where am I out of balance? What emotion am I not dealing with?”

Health issues and injuries can be a sign that you are in a trauma response and when that happens, not only are you risking your body’s health, but it’s also putting strain on your relationship. 

If you are experiencing hormone issues, low libido, leaky gut, brain fog, etc, these could all be linked to your past programming or trauma.

Why don’t doctors tell you this?

There’s no money in solving the root issue. The system is built on putting you on more meds.

What do you think would happen if people really knew that their relationships and health could be improve by eating a certain way becoming mindful of their past programming or trauma.

This program will solve the root issue so you can feel great, make money, and have an amazing relationship!

  • What would it be worth to have your spouse look at you like the used to?
  • What would it be like to get the intensity back in your love?
  • What would it be like not to argue again?

This is cutting edge because it combines traditional health, fitness, and nutrition, but then takes it new age into energetic healing through breathwork and subconscious mind reprogramming.

I love that I now get to enjoy traveling with my family, have fun, feel in love, and truly enjoy my life.

This system I used worked and it will work for you too!

This program is rooted in mine & Robyn’s personal journeys, as well as the inquisitive minds of my 2 daughters who are now adults and coaching their own clients on how to heal and rewire.

It is through their guidance and passion that I was able to learn and grow.

Without the push to “keep up,” I am convinced my marriage and my evolvement in their lives would have been destroyed.

They helped me dismantle my ego so that I could experience more joy & the connection I deeply wanted.

Download our Couples Clarity workbook & connect deeper with your partner today👇


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  • Optimal health, great sleep, & an amazing sex life
  • Feeling a sense of fulfillment in your day because you live in alignment with joy and clarity
  • Space in your body to be present, patient, and energetic
  • Balance between your individual goals and your couple goals
  • A life that is exciting, adventurous, & romantic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Us?

We integrate a total mind, body, and spirit approach by integrating fitness, nutrition, mediatiton, breathwork, personality typing, reprogramming, and energetic healing.

Is This Just a Type of Therapy?

Not at all. There is nothing wrong with talk therapy but this is different. We focus on solutions and integrating each others strengths and core desires.

Who Hires a Life Coach?

People who believe that they deserve to live a life of joy, fun, and fulfillment. People who don’t want to just settle for mediocre or just getting by. People who don’t want to end up divorced.

What if I’ve never done yoga, breathwork , or meditated?

Life begins outside your comfort zone and you never know, we might teach you something you really love one day!