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Unlock holistic wellness through personalized coaching, merging fitness
with mind-body techniques for profound transformation.

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Are you feeling stuck in your health journey despite all efforts to eat right and exercise regularly? It might be time to look “Upstream” for a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional diet and workout plans.

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We’re more than just fitness enthusiasts—we’re dedicated to unraveling the core of wellness. Beyond diet and workouts, we recognize the influence of ingrained thoughts on your health. Our holistic approach rewires these patterns, merging fitness with mind-body techniques like breathwork, meditation, and chakra balancing. By addressing stress, our methods harmonize hormones, boost gut health, and alleviate cortisol levels, mitigating risks like weight gain and immune suppression.

Transformative Wellness Experience: Rediscover Joy, Health, and Healing


Experience Personalized Wellness:

One-on-One Coaching: Prioritize your well-being with tailored coaching integrating strength training, breathwork, meditation, and chakra balancing. Our 30 years of coaching ensure compassionate guidance toward a life you’ll eagerly wake up to.

Personalized Approach: Blend traditional training with mind-body practices. Receive dedicated support through every breathwork and workout session, fostering self-understanding, self-love, and inner wisdom.

Healing Trauma: Address PTSD, anxiety, or depression using breathwork to release negative emotions, calm your mind, and find inner peace.

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We opened a brick-and-mortar personal training studio in 1997. We were those people who everyone dreaded inviting over for the dinner party because we were so fit and ate clean (LOL). But seriously, we were the health & fitness gurus.

In 2009, Victor experienced a adrenal burnout that forced him to change his workout and nutrition programs as well as many of the beliefs he held surrounding them.

In 2015, Robyn asked Victor if they could travel the world and so a life revolving around gym time and meal prep dispappeared. Our travel lifestyle really opened our eyes and changed our perspective on what it took to be healthy.

We still ate good food, but not nearly as strict. We rarely had time to hit the gym but yet, our bodies still stayed strong. It made us realize that there is more to health than sets, reps, and counting grams of protein.

Then in 2020, our family settled down for awhile in Montana. We were pretty isolated from society but had a huge house and property where our family embraced daily workouts, yoga, and meditation. Amidst these routines, I, Victor, discovered the complexity of my mind, realizing deep-seated childhood beliefs that hindered my growth.

A pivotal moment arrived at a Music and Sky Festival in 2021, where I, Victor, encountered Holotropic breathwork, profoundly altering my perspective. Having endured years of childhood sexual abuse, it left me with shame, fear, and an aloof mindset, hindering focus and presence with my family.

This trauma led me to seek distractions, overworking, scrolling on social media, or zoning out. Yet, Montana offered solitude, allowing me to confront past hurts and delve into self-understanding, initiating a healing journey. Breathwork allowed me to access my subconscious and realize how much was going on below the surface of my conscious mind.

This awakening sparked a desire not only for physical health but also to reconnect with my true self for a present, meaningful life with my family.

Since 2020, a collective awakening has prompted people to ponder, “What truly matters to me?” With life’s brevity in focus, the pursuit of health, love, and abundance has become paramount.

Our evolution from solely fitness and nutrition to integrating breathwork and meditation stems from realizing that health transcends mere physical fitness. True health begins within our thoughts.

Exploring the mind’s inner workings revealed the power of subconscious thoughts—up to 95% of our daily 60,000-80,000 thoughts occur subconsciously. My journey into breathwork brought emotional stability and profound joy I hadn’t experienced before.

Trauma lodges itself in our bodies, affecting energy and vitality. Holotropic breathwork became a pivotal tool in healing and releasing this trapped energy, allowing clients to reclaim energy, engage with loved ones, and enhance their prosperity.

Empower yourself with this newfound space. If health struggles persist despite traditional approaches, consider a different path. Our holistic solution offers gradual, realistic healing that restores a sense of wholeness.

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