Be Who You Want Your Kids To Be

Welcome! Our mission here is to help you create a life you are excited to wake up to! Whether you are just trying to get stronger so that you don’t get hurt, are recovering from an injury, or see us living a vibrant healthy life and are curious what magical fountain of youth we’ve discovered, we are here to serve you and help you uncover your highest self in alignment with your unique journey.

We have a very unique approach to health and happiness. There are plenty of websites and coaches who can help you get stronger, heal an ache or pain, guide you through meditation or breathwork, and ask you to journal your thoughts and feelings.

What makes us different is life experience.

Raising five kids, staying married for 25 years, traveling the world, homeschooling, running multiple businesses, and staying truly healthy through all of it means that we have insight into what it really takes to be happy, healthy, and healed.

We aren’t selling magic pills or even telling you that you need to “change” per se. It’s actually the opposite.


We know that underneath all the lies of what you were told that you “should be” is an amazing person who has a great heart, big spirit, and bold dreams.

But people in your past told you that you need to fit in and be responsible.

You received the message that there wasn’t enough time, money, or love to go around. That you needed to protect your heart, hide your spirit, and shrink those dreams to something more “realistic”.

“Be less you and more like everyone else.”

We want to help reconnect you to your expansive self. We want you to be able to hear your inner wisdom. We want you to know you are worthy. We want you to feel whole.

But first, we’d like to share our story with you so that you can see what it’s like to embark on this type of self growth, innerstanding, journey.

Our Holistic Approach To Health, Happiness, & Healing

You deserve to live your best life ever so take that bold, brave step today!

We offer 3 types of coaching programs. The first is to heal & nurture your relationship. The second is to heal & strengthen your physical body. The third is to heal & reconnect with your spiritual body.

Reignite The Passion

This is our signature couples coaching program that is guaranteed to get that spark back in your marriage. We help couples achieve a high conscious relationship built on empowerment not neediness so that they can live their own versions of f**k yeah side by side.

Don’t let the flame in your relationship die out over time. We have a proven framework to help you connect on a deeper level with your spouse so you can live beyond the bullsh*t of bills, schedules, and have-tos and create a life that’s exciting.

Strength, Fitness, & Injury Rehab

In between getting married, changing diapers, and being dragged all over the world by my wife, I have helped hundreds of people of all ages build a body that is strong and resilient.

I can fix any injury and can help you create a strong body that will help you stay active in your sports & hobbies or be able to pick them up again. Victor will make sure you stay injury free and can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Inner Grounding & Manifestation

This is a great option for people who know they need to spend more time meditating and practicing mindfulness , but aren’t making time for it on their own.

We will talk and get to the root of your programming, but unlike just talk therapy, we will take you through energy clearings, breathwork, and visualizations to help you feel grounded and work through your past wounds so you can heal.

And for those who can’t afford to work with us 1 on 1, we offer a group coaching academy, Be The Hero, where we touch on all 3 of these plus so much more on self growth, self love, and manifestation. Note that all 1 on 1 clients are added to our Be The Hero Academy for FREE!

Be The Hero Academy is where we, alongside our daughters, Gabi and Isabelle, help you understand how your past programming is limiting you and causing dis-ease. We teach you how to rewire your brain for joy, happiness, & abundance. In the group app you’ll find inspiration, tips, resources, and mini-courses to help you:

  • Correctly identify & understand your enneagram
  • Learn astrology to find your path & heal your shadows
  • Use numerology to help you live your purpose
  • Do breathwork & meditation to feel into your sense of self & connect with the quantum field
  • Help you master your mindset & stay motivated

Becoming the Hero of your own story allows you to live a healthy, happy, and most importantly, empowered life.