“I have been involved in sports my entire life and been an Air Force officer for the last twenty years. I have encountered many fitness trainers, programs and philosophies. However, after working with Victor Robledo for only four months, he has completely changed my way of thinking about physical fitness and nutrition. His scientific training methods are specifically designed to push the threshold of human performance while simultaneously ensuring that nutrition and proper rest are strictly adhered to in order to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. Thanks to Victor, I was able to transform my body, and reach my genetic potential…while spending less time at the gym. Victor’s personally designed workouts are efficient and effective. Bottom line: I would recommend Victor to anyone who plays sports, is looking to lose weight, increase strength & energy, or just looking to better themselves. Victor’s principles of fitness work. He is hands down one of the best in this business; if not THE BEST.”
— James Dobbs, USAF, Lt. Col., PhD

“I have been active in the fire service for over 15 years and professionally hired as a firefighter/paramedic for 10 of those years. My job requires me to be physically and mentally strong. Over the years of service I have been practicing what I thought was a good diet and workout routine but felt like I could improve and become healthier and stronger. After starting Victor’s program, and watching my progress week after week, I realized how much improvement I was capable of! I am stronger, leaner, happier and healthier then I have ever been! Victor has created positive nutrition and workout habits that I can implement for the rest of my life. On top of that, my progress through Victor’s program has inspired multiple other firefighters that I work with to better themselves and join the program as well. Thanks Vic!”
— Travis Timmins, Firefighter

“As an, ahem, “aging” age grouper competing in half ironman and Olympic distance triathlons, I have spent years on the road and in the pool (but rarely the gym) readying my mind and body for races. Last season ended early when I could no longer run due to bilateral Achilles tendinitis. After a six month hiatus, I started training with Victor twice a week. He focused first on active recovery and then on building a stronger body, personalized to my weaknesses. While we are far from done, I have added 10 pounds of muscle, gained flexibility and am now back on the road, training with renewed vigor. For those of us entering the second half of our personal centennial, training with Victor is a must for an injury-free, active lifestyle.”
— Derek Emge

“I came to Robyn with adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, a sluggish thyroid, and a general sense of not feeling great. My diet was clean and I worked out, but it wasn’t producing the results I wanted. Robyn was knowledgeable and broke things down into very easy steps to follow. I learned that I could do a lot less exercise (I was overtraining) and feel so much better. Her workouts were fun and she changed them often enough so I never got bored. I generally do not enjoy yoga, but her videos are amazing and I looked forward to my yoga days. She tweaked my eating and gave me tools that I will continue to use in the future. My skin started glowing again and people commented on how healthy I looked. If you’re on the fence about this program, DO IT! Don’t wait another day. Robyn and Victor are down to earth and know what they are talking about! They will guide you through each step. I can’t speak highly enough about their program!”
— Chelsea Benson

“I have been seeing Victor for over 15 years. He began by helping me with low back problems that interfered with an active running schedule. I evolved away from running and into playing tennis 5 days a week. I then needed shoulder, hip and low back help. We have three work out modes: rehab, maintenance and strengthening, and we alternate among them depending on how healthy my body is. Victor has a deep knowledge of how the body functions and how to keep it functioning. He has a great sense of when to push and when not to push. I am grateful to be in my 70s and to have the help I need to prevent and rehab injuries, all thanks to Victor’s outstanding talents and skills.”
— George Rice

“When I started training with Victor I could maybe do 2-3 pullups and I didn’t have much of a bench press, squat or deadlift. Victor went over my goals and what I wanted to achieve. My goals were to become as big and strong as possible. I went from weighing 175 to 247 and I was able to do 50 pullups just as a warm up! Squats, deadlifts and bench press all went up immensely! I fully achieved my fitness goals and along the way I learned from Victor how to enjoy my life outside of the gym even more. ”
— Jason West

“I have being working out with Victor for almost a year. I have noticed a great and positive change in my appearance , energy level and I am injury free. As a physician and surgeon I appreciate Victor’s excellent knowledge of physiology and anatomy, his experience and most importantly his common sense. He works with you on your goals and motivates you but keeps you injury free in an enjoyable environment. I always look forward to my training sessions with Victor.”
— H. O'Halloran, M.D., M.A., F.R.C.S.

Working with Vic’s Online Coaching has been super effective and really simple. I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu nearly everyday. I also enjoy to surf and ride dirt bikes as often as possible, but my body was starting to let men know I was getting older. Initially my goals where to improve my mobility and strength which we focused on for a couple of years. Over time my posture improved, nagging aches and pains went away and I received many, many comments about my new found strength, from my BJJ training partners. Our focus now is to increase muscular size while maintaining mobility and strength gains. Vic knows exactly what is needed and adjusted the workouts and eating habits immediately. So far, in the past six weeks I’ve gained a noticeable about of muscle with no negative impact on my BJJ endurance or my mobility. He knows what you need to eat and how you need to workout to accomplish any goal. I’d highly recommend his coaching to everyone whether you’re hardcore and want to increase athletic performance or just want to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. And don’t worry...I promise you will never of hungry!!
— Todd Caffaro, Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu Jistu
Simple, effective coaching that gets results. I’m a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, instructor and have a family of my own. Through Vic’s workout programs, nutritional recommendations and accountability I was able to drop weight and get ready for competition while still increasing my strength.
— David Guillent, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Instructor

I took Victor’s 8 week online training program (twice actually) and it increased my overall fitness as well as my knowledge of exercise, nutrition, and supplements. It is simple and effective as I was in and out of the gym in 45 minutes or less each day. As an aging athlete it was really cool to feel my speed & explosion incresse during the program. At age 35 I am running past 19 year olds in my flag football league! I loved learning from Victor and the customized program he created made me a better athlete. Also, a nice side-effect was an increase in muscle and a drop in body fat, which the Mrs. liked a lot.
— Steve Richardson, Director Morenci Recreation Center
Over the year’s we’ve been around and utilized several “physical trainers.” There’s only ONE Victor. His training and positive and creative approach to physical conditioning is like nothing we’ve ever seen or experienced. His conditioning has propelled our son to become one of the top Lacrosse players on the West Coast. His conditioning strengthens the whole body, as was evident this past year. Jake was in the emergency room on three separate occasions, and because of his conditioning, was cleared and didn’t miss a game . The Doctors were amazed. Victor’s training played a key role in his ability to absorb the contact and recover quickly. His speed, his quickness, and his strength are all a product of Victors sessions. He’s the fastest and strongest athlete on the team and those that play against him, initially think that at 5’8” and 160 pounds he isn’t a factor and they quickly discover that’s not the case.
Victor is also transforming our daughter into a premier athlete. She’s already competing as an 8th grader with juniors and seniors in high school in Lacrosse. Victor has developed not only her strength but her confidence in a short amount of time and she’s already being considered a top Lacrosse recruit. When she walks onto the field her competition quickly understand with her speed and skills that she is a force and Victor again has played a critical role in that development.
If you’re interested in developing your child whether it’s as an athlete or just a more confident individual there’s only ONE Victor. We highly recommend.
— Erin Brophy
Through Vic’s training programs I’ve been able to improve my jiu jitsu, stay injury free and build strength. Vic has been able to give me real world nutritional guidance that I can stick with. He has taught me the essentials of strength and conditioning which will last me a lifetime. Also, Vic has been able to show me proper intensity and technique to get results. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their jiu jitsu performance
— Aaron hernandez, Black Belt BJJ, owner coronado Brazilian jiu jitsu