Robyn and Victor met in high school.  While still in college, we opened Island Tumble, a gymnastics studio, and Genesis Fitness, a personal training facility, way back in 1997, 3 months before getting married. We were still in college at the time, but we loved exercise and working with children and saw an opportunity and went for it.  twenty years and five kids later we are still having fun teaching exercise to kids and adults alike, but we realized we could only affect a small percentage of people just working one on one so we have designed this website in hopes to inspire more people to live healthfully and get stronger with age so that they too can enjoy life to the fullest.


    We specialize in online and one on one coaching.  Our business has been built around not only our vast array of knowledge when it comes to teaching strength, fitness, nutrition, and wellness, but more importantly our ability to connect with the people we work with and create a relationship that builds trust and confidence.  We will help you:

    1. Give you strength that you can apply in your sports.
    2. Show you how to get rid of aches and pains.
    3. Give you accountability so you stay focused on your goals.
    4. Get rid of the confusion surrounding nutrition and develop eating habits that last a lifetime.
    5. Most importantly, teach you to ULEASH THE BADASS WITHIN.



    A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.