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Is It Time To Hire A Strength & Performance Coach?

  • Are you gaining fat even though you workout hard?

  • Is your performance going down even though you are training more?

  • Do your shoulders ache? Does your back flare up? Are weak knees limiting you?

  • Is pain stopping you from training as hard as you’d like?

Ski Season Is Here! Are You Ready?

The best way to predict your future is to create it.
— Abe Lincoln

Benefits of Working with a Coach

  • Get results even faster

  • Have a personalized experience

  • Become more time efficient

  • Have a mentor in your corner


  • Stay on your program

  • Answer questions as they arise

  • Problem solve injuries

  • Get better with age

success starts with the right plan

The key to success in anything is having a good plan and sticking to it.  I have many  clients that know a significant amount about fitness, exercise, and nutrition. However, they can not formulate a plan or stick to it long enough to get results.  Fitness enthusiasts have an over abundance of information at their finger tips but don't know what is fact or fiction. A good coach can help you navigate your way through this information, create a plan that works for you, and keep you focused on your goals.

execute better for faster results

The right form and execution can make all the difference between getting results and feeling stuck. Sometimes what you think your doing is not happening and by using video technology, I can watch you execute and pick up on subtle body cues to improve your technique, which can make all the difference in making safe gains and getting results faster.

Safe progressions means less injuries

Improved performance relies on strength gains.  My programs seamlessly integrate safe progressions that will allow you to lift and move in ways that quickly improve your athleticism.

mindset makes a huge difference  

You can not work on the body without taking into account the mind. It’s necessary to balance sports and life by training the mind to also be strong. My programs will improve your mental game by teaching you how to peak your body and mind while taking life into consideration and still gets you results. 

You only get one life, you deserve to enjoy it. Invest in a good coach to enjoy your life more. 
— Coach Vic

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Online Training Work?

First, I like to talk to my clients on the phone and learn about your goals, current program, overall health and fitness level. Then I design a strength training program that I will email to you every Sunday. I’ll be checking in with you during the week to answer questions and make sure you are sticking with the plan and make adjustments if needed.

How do I know this program will work for me?

I have been a strength coach for over 20 years and have trained all types of people.  This is important because I know personalities are different, body types are different, everyone handles stress differently, and we all have different goals.  We pride ourselves on getting results by getting to know what makes you tick.

Do you only train people online?

No.  I work out of Summit County Jiu Jitsu in Frisco, CO and do in home training. I would love to work with you in person.  Click the free consult button and let's meet up and talk about your goals.

Are you going to put me on an extreme diet (Paleo, Whole30, Gluten-Free)?

No.  Just like your workout program, extreme diets are good in the short term to lose weight, but not great for long term results.  I want you to learn nutritional habits that will last for your lifetime.  That's not to say that we won't recommend cutting certain foods out of your diet for some weeks to help you attain optimal health and wellness. The secret will be how to integrate nutritional changes into your life, with weekly check in's I can modify and make you successful.

Why should I work with you?

I have worked as a personal trainer and wellness coach for twenty four years.  I am very good at designing programs and creating workouts that get results.  But the real reason you should work with me is that I understand people and how complicated life can be.  As a dad of five kids, I know it's hard to balance taking care of yourself with taking care of the people you love.  But I also know that taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do in caring for your family.

How am I held accountable?

I will be sending you emails or texts throughout the week to check in.   I pride myself on developing a relationship with my clients so they feel comfortable reaching out to me frequently with any questions or concerns.   I’m available via phone, text messages, or email and usually can get back to you immediately.

Why is it so hard to click "Get Started Now"?

Fear.  You are afraid it won't work.  You are afraid it won't last.  You are afraid it will be too hard. You are afraid you aren't capable.  We combat fear in our own lives everyday.  Whether it's taking a risk to change businesses, traveling the world, climbing a rock wall, or paddling out at a new surf break; you never know if you don't try, everyone fails at times and something is always better than nothing.  Success always starts with believing in yourself and persistence. Let me help you be your best.



I want to be strong.  I want to play my sports better.  I want to move better and feel better.  I can do what I'm told. I am fit.  I don't have emotional issues linked to eating.

Perfect. I love strength training and can give you the absolute best program to increase your strength, get rid of aches and pains, and make it so that you can enjoy your life more.

Price: $200/month*



I used to be strong and athletic BUT then life got complicated.  I need to lose weight BUT I have a job, and kids, and a spouse and bills.  I don't have time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.  I need a plan that is effective and time efficient.  I can't restructure my entire life, but give me the 'cliff notes' and I'll bust my ass to make it happen.

Price: $300/month*



I've tried all the latest diets and workouts but it doesn't work.  And as much as I workout and eat right, it just feels like something is missing. Don't worry, we've all been there and if we think we haven't, we are lying to ourselves.  But hey, I understand that you have to be at a specific place in your life to deal with this shit.  If that place is now, I can help.  I can easily help you to be strong and lose weight BUT let me help you address these mindset issues as well. It's all related and addressing both the mind and body at the same time will help you enjoy your life more and get you living life to the fullest.

Price: $400/month* 



Marriage and relationships are HARD.  I know.  21 years of marriage is not easy.  And the secret to being more in love with your spouse or partner every year comes down to one thing...GROWTH.   Your relationship has to always evolve- both physically and emotionally.  When you both choose to grow and become better, stronger, smarter, and more self fulfilled, then your relationship gets stronger and you grow closer.  And yes, this package is named after one of our favorite movies, Couples Retreat.

Price: $450/month* 


*All prices are based on a 3 month commitment to improving your life and getting you to the goals you specify in our consult.


Supplement Guide

Supplements can make all the difference especially when you have your diet, training, and lifestyle dialed in to the right station. These are the products I use and trust:

BioTrust Protein Powder Low Carb- I like that it is whey protein from Pasteur raised cows, is farm certified growth hormone free, has no artificial sweeteners or soy, includes enzymes to improve digestion, and the protein is time released.

BioTrust OmegaKrill Fish Oil- This fish oil is great for decreasing inflammation.

BioTrust Absorb Max Digestive Enzyme- Contains 16 digestive enzymes to help you lose weight and feel better.

BioTrust ProX 10 Probiotic- This probiotic is great for improving gut health and boosting immune function

BioTrust Belly Trim- Get increased calorie burning and improved appetite management without the use of stimulants with this super CLA.

Creatine- Professional strength muscle building supplement containing 6 advanced forms of creatine for increased strength, muscle gains, and recovery.

ZMA- Studies have shown that supplementing with ZMA maximizes testosterone levels as well as helps to promote more muscle and strength for athletes.

Enduro Packs Daily Nutrient System is great for athletes who want to feel their best and improve performance. This 30-day pack includes Multi-Vitamins, Liquid Electrolyte Replacement, Essential BCAA Formula, and an L-Glutamine Recovery Complex. I love that it is all-natural, organic, gluten-free, and GMO-free vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are manufactured in the USA. This is an amazing 30 day pack for my athletes who are looking for optimal health and recovery.

Athletic Greens- another great supplement for athletes looking to achieve optimal health, wellness, and recovery. Add this to your favorite smoothie or protein shake.

Join our free Facebook group for tips on strength training, nutrition, and creating a motivated mindset.

Join our free Facebook group for tips on strength training, nutrition, and creating a motivated mindset.

Complete functional strength training program for the goal driven individual.

Complete functional strength training program for the goal driven individual.