Three Reasons Men Should Do Martial Arts

I believe a well rounded men's programs should include some type of martial art or combat sport. I got involved in wrestling in high school and it had a dramatic impact on my development.  Martial arts and combat sports have an incredible impact on developing the body as well as the mind. I've taken Shito Ryu Karate with my son and I am currently involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and cannot say enough about its benefits. With so many options to choose from, here are three reasons why martial arts/combat sports will give you the body you want. 

1. Total Body Workouts

Martial arts are a great supplement to your weight training protocol, which everyone should be doing. Martial arts and combat sports such as wrestling and boxing use a wide array of muscles and will exercise your body in different ways. Moving and using the body in different planes will help physical development.  By using all your muscles at different intensities you can not only enhance recovery but also improve muscular shape and size. 

2. High Intensity Intervals

Nothing burns up body fat like doing high intensity rounds. High intensity intervals are the best way to do your cardio. Doing rounds of any sport packs in maximum effort into short periods of time, maximizing calories burned and having a huge impact on cardiovascular fitness. The best part is that you are thinking of your performance or improving a position and not on how hard you're working. 

3. Mental Well Being

Modern life gives men very few outlets for venting our naturally occurring aggression. Nothing better than martial arts or combat sports to release pent up aggression.  We become better men, fathers, and leaders when we can have a vehicle to vent these natural energies. If you have been involved in martial arts then you have likely heard of bushido. The code of the samurai can be essential for balancing the pressures of modern life. 

Guys, get out there and develop a well rounded training program.  Find a martial art or combat sport that resonates with you and include it regularly into you program so you can see greater physical and mental improvements. 

Coach Vic

Robyn RobledoComment