3 Reasons You Need A Coach

For many individuals, a strength coach or personal trainer might seem like a waste of money. The truth is that there is no better investment than getting good coaching. Personal trainers, strength coaches and wellness coaches can sometimes be lumped in together with used car salesmen, but that can be further from the truth.  Getting a knowledgable coach who cares about your needs, goals, and frustrations is an important part of the equation.

Here are three things that a good coach can do for your wellbeing. 

1. Develps A Custom Plan + Keep You Accountable

First, a coach will keep you focused and working towards your goals.  I have many clients that know a significant amount about fitness, exercise and nutrition. However, they can not formulate a plan or stick to it long enough to get results.  Fitness enthusiasts have an over abundance of information at their finger tips but don't know what is fact or fiction. A good coach can help you navigate your way through this information and create a plan that works for you. 

2. Help You Learn + Execute Correctly

The second thing a coach does is watch you execute and give feed back. Sometimes what you think you're doing is not happening. A good coach can pick up on subtle body cues which can make all the difference in making strength gains. A professional coach builds good progressions into your program to make learning seamless. Just like when perfecting a curve ball or shooting a basketball, there is technique involved and a good coach can make learning easier, eliminate a lot of guesswork, and get your technique on track. 

3. Improves Your Mental Game

Lastly, a good coach trains your mind to be strong as well as your body. Even with the high level athletes I've had the privilege of training, I find it necessary to balance sports and life. You can not work with the body without taking into account an individuals mental well being. A good coach will also improve your mental game, help you peak your body and mind, and take your life into consideration and still gets you results. 

A good coach is essential for your health and wellness. You only get one life and you deserve to enjoy it. Invest in a good coach to enjoy your life more if you need some help set up a FREE Consult with me and I can get you on your way. 

Robyn RobledoComment