5 Strategies To Sleeping Better

Most fitness enthusiasts know the value of a good night sleep. If you don’t sleep well, you won’t recover well. When it comes to sleep, we need quantity and quality. We need 7-8 hours of sleep but also good depth and quality of sleep. Here are 5 very popular strategies I recommend to clients regularly to improve the quality of their sleep.

1. Back Off The Joe

I love coffee and look forward to my morning cup, however, caffeine has a very powerful half life, which means that even though you might not feel the buzz at night before bed, the caffeine is still in your system.  Have your caffeinated beverages before lunch and stick to herbal tea’s, water, or a glass of red wine in the evening.  You will sleep deeper and reach your fitness goals faster.

2. Get Fat

Another problem that I encounter with many clients is that they can get to sleep but often wake in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. Research has found that often sleep disturbances can be linked to a drop in blood sugar. A good snack before bed will help you manage the drop in blood sugar. I tell all my clients who are having sleep disturbances to have 2-3 free range eggs before bed or a few tablespoons of nut butter. The protein and healthy fat will help manage blood sugar and provide a spike in your growth hormone. 

3. Stop Watching T.V.

I know everyone loves to unwind at night with a little screen time, however, too much screen time before bed has been shown to have negative effects on your biorhythms. Shut off the screens 1 hour before you desire to go to sleep and instead try some light reading.   It will have a very calming effect and will help you slow down and get ready for bed.

4. Sleep In A Cave

We are constantly being bombarding by electromagnetic pollution. Lights and devices running all around us while we try to sleep will affect your ability to get into a deep sleep. To combat this, make your bedroom like a cave. Turn off all lights, computers, even alarm clocks in the room.  It will help you get better restorative sleep.

5. Get Naked

Cortisol is an enemy at bedtime. When you wake in the morning you want a nice high cortisol level, it makes us feel ready to take on our day.  At night, it will keep you awake and cause you to have insomnia. By cooling down, it will drop your nighttime cortisol levels.  Try running some fans, air conditioners or sleep naked.  It will drop your body temperature and you will sleep better.

Remember, the better you sleep the leaner you can get.

Robyn RobledoComment