Preventing Injuries

I'm sure you know the importance of strength training, the top three being: improved bone density, muscular strength, and body composition.  But what do you do if you are hurt or have aches and pains that are limiting you from getting in the gym and doing what is needed to reap the rewards of strength training

Did you know that spending an extra 10 minutes a day doing the right exercises could mean staying injury free for life?

You are probably all too familiar with aches and pains.  Walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night, ooh ouch what are these pins in my feet!  Bending down to tie my shoes, ooh ouch my back just grabbed!  Pulling a load of clothes out of the dryer, ooh ouch did someone just stab a knife in my elbow?  Turning my head to back out of the driveway, ooh ouch what a zinger in my neck!  Don't worry, tendonitis and tightness sneak up on the best of us (yeah, even us!).

If you are not familiar with aches and pains, you are either younger than twenty or you aren't using your body enough.  The fact is, most activities you do will cause some form of tightness or muscular imbalance and that's good.  It means you are LIVING!  You're doing what you like, you're chasing your dreams, you have wellness and a zest for life and we want to help you keep it!  

When you are injured it SUCKS!  Often it means you have to spend time not doing what you love and instead spend hours on REHAB, which we will save for another day.

Instead, today we want to talk about preventing injury, or what we refer to as PREHAB.

"If you spend 10 min a day on weak or tight muscles, you can prevent decades of aches and pains."   

Forward Neck from too much computer time is also an issue I see with a lot of my clients.  If your head isn't in line with your shoulders when you go to raise your arms overhead, you are going to have inpingement and limited range of motion.  In short, a forward head is going to make the rest of your body hurt a lot.  I have my clients, and myself, do a chin retraction as part of their warm-up to help realign the vertebrae of the neck and upper spine. Check our video on chin retraction to help realign your head.

Have your calves become your glutes?  Another issue I see with so much time spent sitting in front of a computer is weak gluteals.  When the butt stops working, the calves start to overcompensate and you end up with huge calves and no back side.  This leads to a wide array of injuries.  As part of my programs, I have all my clients include bent leg bridges as part of their warm-up program.  If your glutes aren't firing, there's a good chance your quads are also overcompensating.  Another exercise I do to teach clients to use their glutes is the Pistol Squat.  Check it out our video on the How To Pistol Squat and learn how to break down this movement. 

Seriously, the ten minutes of prehab are some of the best ten minutes you can do each day.  Make the time to take care of your body so you can keep excelling in your performance.  If you need help coming up with a plan, we are here to make you a better athlete so you can enjoy your life.  It's amazing what a few pieces of equipment such as a resistance band and a swiss ball can do to helping you stay injury free and getting back to the sports you love.

Robyn RobledoComment