Do You have Adrenal Fatigue and How To Fix It

Adrenal fatigue can be so frustrating.  I know first hand.  It took me two years to fully recover from adrenal exhaustion and we wish someone had told me us all these great tips that could have healed me faster and get my adrenals functioning optimally.

Now before I tell you the how, let me first start by sharing my experience of adrenal exhaustion with you.  Seven years ago I had just had my fourth kid, I was working long hours, I was waking up early, I was training hard in the gym every day, and I was eating the wrong foods.  I had trained my mind to be strong and overcome obstacles and just assumed this was normal until one day my wife called me on it.  In a voice of compassion and concern that only a wife can use, "Why the hell are you always tired?  All you eat is chicken and broccoli and you keep gaining weight!"  Okay, maybe she was a little harsh, but she saw something in me that I was totally ignoring.  I had lost my edge.

At the time there wasn’t a lot of information on Adrenal Exhaustion.  One doctor said I just needed to be on anxiety meds, another said I was going through Andropause (which is the male version of Menopause) and I just needed hormone replacement (What? I’m only 34!), and my favorite was the endocrinologist who said, “isn’t that just part of your culture!”  Fortunately Robyn is stubborn and didn’t take any of their advice.  She searched through the web until she found something that made sense.  The worst part was that the research showed that it took an average of two years to recover from adrenal exhaustion.  Two years!  Talk about frustrated?  I couldn’t imagine having to feel the way I did at the time for two more years.

Here’s the thing though, seven years later I will tell you that I am at the prime of my life.  I can answer all my questions the way I want my clients to.  I sleep a solid eight hours.  I wake up ready to conquer my day.  I feel stronger than ever and have the lowest body fat of my life.  I feel like a man. 

Your hormones are your life line to looking and feeling good.  If your hormones are off, you can workout all you want and eat “pretty good” (because everyone seems to tell me this) and not lose a single pound or have energy to spare.  If your stress is high, your hormones won't work in your favor.  

In this podcast, Importance of Adrenal Health, I describe how adrenal fatigue can create a wide array of health issues.  For instance, low testosterone, insomnia, digestive issues, and mental fog all start from adrenal health.  These symptoms can really confuse individuals and doctors don't always make this connection.  You need good adrenal function in order to lose weight.  Adrenal health needs to be addressed on a mental, physical and nutritional level to get back to feeling good.  

If you think you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, ask yourself these questions...

1. How's your sleep?  Do you get 8 hours most nights?  Is in uninterrupted?  Is it rejuvenating?  

How's your stress level?  Do you feel like you are always running behind?  Do you feel like you will never catch up?  Is your breathing slow and deep or fast and shallow?  

How's your libido?  Is your sex drive low for you?  If you are female, are your periods heavy or do you have severe PMS?  If you are male, do you have any performance issues?

Do you crave sweets?  How many cups of coffee do your drink?  Do you need caffeine in the afternoon to get through your day?  Do you have trouble with controlling your blood sugar or get shaky or irritable if you don't eat? 

The fact is if you aren't sleeping 8 hours a night, waking up refreshed and ready to kick ass, if your tired all the time, if you live in a constant state of fight or flight, if you've lost your mojo, if you depend on sugar and caffeine to get through your day, you really should slow down and give your adrenals some attention.

Modern medicine doesn't believe that adrenal fatigue exists.  As a result, most individuals feel alone.  So what can you do?  Most people want the quick fix, but anyone who tells you taking a pill or doing a specific workout will fix this is lying.  First, it always starts with you wanting to enjoy your life more.  Then, start prioritizing your health.  Self care may sound boring, but without your health what good are you?  True health, not just the absence of disease, requires a balance of play, movement, rest, and good nutrition.  

One thing you can do right now to help your adrenals is to up your Vitamin C.  Start by taking 3000mg a day for a week and see if you start feeling better.  Second, tune into your circadian rhythm.  You should have the most energy early in the day.  If you feel tired try adding light movement in the morning and see if that can help to shift your cortisol levels.  Lastly, manage your caffeine and sugar intake to avoid the roller coaster ride in your blood sugar levels.  Avoid caffeine after lunch so you can get a deeper sleep at night.  If you can have coffee right before bed and go right to sleep, you really want to address the health of your adrenals.

If you need more help, contact me.  Often just eight weeks of my Strength and Nutrition Program can get your adrenals on the right track to full recovery

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